Jumping man, made using Adobe Flash. As part of the brief we were asked to use a simple shape to base our animation from, focusing further on ‘Squash and Stretch’, and ‘Anticipation’. As I used ‘pose- pose’ the movement is slightly more rigid, were using a mixture of ‘Pose-Pose’ and ‘Straight ahead’ animation may have made a more natural flow. Similarly fewer frames could have been used to create a better flow.

My bouncing ball, demonstrating ‘Squash and Stretch’ one of the principles of animation, outlined in Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnstons ‘The Illusion Of Life’.

The use of squash and stretch gives the appearance of weight and volume to a character, In this case creating a ‘bounce’ rather then a stiff and rigid movement. This clip consists of 24 frames, played over 2 seconds. I began with drawing the extremes frames (1,7,10, 13, 18 and 24) and later adding the breakdowns. Although I kept my drawings rough, I am happy with the overall outcome of the movement as the ball remains at a fluid speed and dimension.